About Me

Glendalys Salgado

AKA Glenda
Mom. Wife. Latina. Entrepreneur. Designer

Glendalys Salgado is a proud Bronxite of Puerto Rican descent, raising her two daughters with her husband, Victor, in New York City. She is a public servant and part-time college student, who moonlights as a creative content specialist. She’s been building websites and designing graphics since she was 12 years old. These skills helped her launch Made By Glenda.


Glendalys began her journey with a simple, yet powerful tool – a library card. With that card, Glendalys checked out books on HTML and reserved the public computers to practice what she’d learned. She was able to create several fan websites for popular music artists and a specialty design site for Myspace and Neopets profiles. I bet the nostalgia hit you very hard right now.


Fast forward to today, Glendalys has helped many businesses go digital by managing their social media platforms. She has also designed logos to improve and strengthen their branding. However, it was with the gift of a Cricut maker that changed her passion from digital to physical goods.

Glendalys adopted the hobby of cardmaking while pregnant with her second child in 2020.